Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

The 19th ‘Global Achievers International Award 2024’ was grandly organized in Dubai on 25 February 2024 by Rajkumar Tiwari, editor and publisher of Mumbai’s well-known and most popular ‘Mumbai Global’ weekly newspaper. In which there was cooperation from Puneet Khare  of ‘Mayuri Media Work’. Rajkumar Tiwari keeps encouraging new talents, businessmen,  social workers etc. by organizing award shows in the country and abroad.

Rajkumar Tiwari, the organizer of the awards show, shared his views and said that his main objective of doing award shows like this is to encourage and provide proper platform to those individuals who are doing good work in their respective fields or doing social service.

Honoring people in this way creates new zeal and enthusiasm within them. Recently, RK Tiwari organized the Akhand Bharat Gaurav Award (4th Season) 2024 ceremony in the auditorium of ‘Mukti Cultural Hub’ located in Andheri (Mumbai).

On 25 February, the ‘Global International Achievers Award 2024’ event was concluded grandly in Dubai.

In this awards show, people from different fields were honored with awards in different categories.  Which includes social activist J.K. Mishra (Dubai), pop singer Lucky Tarar (India), Dubai businessman Gyan Singh, International photographer Arun Pandey, International show director  Pallavi Kaushik, celebrity fashion designer Ritu Goyal, model and actress Swati Shukla, actor and producer. Ravindra Tuteja, ‘Raka Zaman’ Model (Dhaka).

At the international level, green activist and social worker Dr M Syed Nazir, Best International PRO Puneet Khare, International Make-up Artist Romay Sharon and Usha Gandhi were honored with awards. Also in the winner model series are Mrs. Asia Word Winner 2024 Priyanshi Tyagi, Brand Ambassador of Asia Word 2024 Riddhima Kapoor,

Brand Ambassador of Global Achievers Award Gaurav Dayanand Madane, Miss Global Queen Winner Pooja Rao,  Mrs. Global Queen Winner Anju Krishnan, Mrs. Global Queen Gold Winner 2024 Pratibha Pramod And Brand  Ambassador Global Queen Dr Shivalika Khanna was honored with a crown and award.

‘Mumbai Global Group’ has succeeded in making its mark in the country and abroad in a very short time through  its remarkable social and cultural activities. Rajkumar Tiwari, a militant and hardworking social worker from  the land of Jharkhand, has been organizing many successful award shows like Mumbai Global Award Ceremony,  Global Achievers Award, Global International Achievers Award and Akhand Bharat Award for the last 18 years.



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