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Tarun Vaishnav is dominating the social media by becoming a role mode l for the youth.He was born on 07 August 2000 in Deogarh, Rajsamand in a normal Hindu family.Tarun was active on social media since his childhood and later on he decided to start his own social media marketing agency.He is also fond of solo traveling since childhood, he goes to new places and tells the beauty of the culture there to the people through social media.He has more than one lakh followers on his Facebook page and 21 thousand followers on Instagram. Best digital marketing agency

Founded by Tarun Vaishnav, Digital Shivay also provides you web development, brand building and promotion, celebrity account management, and other services.

Digital Shivay is a digital creative agency with offices in Deogarh.It works with industries such as IT, news media, websites, government projects, cyber security, public relations and digital technology.

Many well-known personalities have increased their online presence with the help of Digital Shivay.

Tarun Vaishnav is the founder of Digital Shivay Private Limited.


Tarun Vaishnav Devgarh Rajsamand – Focused On Social Media Got Success

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