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On The Eve Of United Nations International Day Of Sports For Peace, His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan & his team  from New York  HRH Prince Peter & HRH Duke William Cort Jr honoured  Maharsihi University’s Chairman Cum Chancellor Mr. Ajaya Prakash Srivastava with Prestigious Awards, Medals from The American University USA & UN University USA .

Detail Description :-

To Commemorate “UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SPORTS FOR PEACE “ on 6th April 2023 , a befitting International Seminar & Award ceremony was organized by The American University For Global Peace USA ( AUGP USA ) in Association with United Nation University For Global Peace USA ( UNUGP USA ) In Collaboration with Maharishi University USA ( MUIT) on 06th April 2023.

The Chief Guest was His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  The Chairman Of AUGP USA Groups of Universities & Institutions Cum The Chairman cum Chief Rector Of the United Nation University For Global Peace USA

The guest of Honours   were Dr. Ajay Prakash Srivastava The Chairman Of  MUIT & from New York USA ,HRH PRINCE Dr. PETER BROWER WAGONER The Governor Of AUGP USA & HRH DUKE Mr. WILLIAM CORT NEEDHAM Jr. the Senior Senate member of AUGP USA .

The event was facilitated,  by Dr. Neeraj Tandon The Honry. Dean cum Director Of AUGP USA /UNUGP , Dr. Ch. Rao  From Australia ,The International Senator Of AUGP USA Australia Chapter  & Mr. Pawan Patel from India. Ms. Trapti  Agerwal from MUIT coordinated the event .

Very Prestigious Awards & Gold Medals  from The American University USA was honoured to Dr. Ajay Prakash Srivastava The Chairman Of  MUIT & to HRH PRINCE Dr. PETER BROWER WAGONER The Governor Of AUGP USA & also to HRH DUKE Mr. WILLIAM CORT NEEDHAM Jr.

His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan was the main key note speaker & dwelt at length on the topic of Establishing Global Peace through Sports To make Nations Sustainable developed & to build up a Transformed Civilization Of ,” PEACE LOVING –PEACE LIVING – PEACE PRACTICING “ Global Community & ultimately to become a transformed NATION BUILDER ,to make this earth planet a better dwelling place for  human kingdom. His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  is World Reputed Personality ,  the recipient of several International Awards for his incredible services in several Countries. The then USA President Hon’ble Mr. Barack Obama also honoured him ( The First Ever Indian )  with  very prestigious Award, namely,  “US President’s LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD” -2016 for his dedicated Works with Passion to Build Up A Transformed Civilization Of ,” PEACE LOVING-PEACE LIVING –PEACE PRACTICING  “  & for establishing Global Peace through Peace Education, Humanitarian Works ,etc  in more than 80 Countries  .Statue in bronze metal of Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan is also installed in European historical Museum. More than 30,000 Peace builders ,Nation Builders are being education  from The  groups of AUGP ‘s Universities & Academies in more than 80 Countries  with the Noble Mission of ,” TO STOP  WAR,DRUGS,HUMAN TRAFFICKING ,ORGANISED CRIME” & to promote Human rights , Constitutional rights of Global Citizens .

Another speaker  from New York was HRH DUKE Mr. WILLIAM CORT NEEDHAM Jr.  , young man only 84 Years  , an Olympic ,athlete spoke about his long journey to propagate the message of Peace through sports .

Dr. Ajay Prakash Shrivastava The Chairman Cum Chancellor Of Maharishi Groups of University  also spoke on the Topic  & also motivated the participants & Youths to unite together to STOP WAR , To Promote Human Rights as PEACE is the Human Rights of all Global Citizens , he added in his address .

Group Captain Prof. O P Sharma Of MUIT & Dr. G S Bagha from California  also addressed the well attended gathering of Participants, the representatives of many organizations from Several geographical places around the World.

A few selected were awarded from among  internationally recognized & reputed Peace Builders cum Nation Builders chosen from among Environmentalists,  Conservators of Water ,Forest , fragile eco-system,animals, Constitutional rights &  Human Rights Protectors,  Academicians, young Scientists  , Senior Government officers ,  Advocates etc.etc.

Senior delegates  from Kashmir, Kazakhstan , Australia, Asia , Dr. Mir Mohammad Hussain, Dr. Manisha Singh  , etc, etc were also among the recipients of prestigious Awards .

Many  Peace Educators cum Nation Builders  were also awarded by His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan . Some names of such awardees are such as , Mr.Pawan Patel,Mr.Guru Baksh Singh Bagga,Mr.Virender Singh,Group Captan Dr.Mr.Omi Sharma, Mr.Bhanu Pratap Singh,Mrs. Sheetal Singh,Mrs.Poonam,Mrs.Maitray Bhardwaj,Mrs.Priyanka Singh,Mr.Mukesh Kumar,Ms.Asha Rani.

It was also informed that the Team of His Eminence Prof. dr. Madhu Krishan , HRH DR. Prince Peter &  HRH Duke Dr. William Cort Jr are having the Passion to reach the grassroots level with Peace Education , Humanitarian works  & many other Poverty Alleviation project & many other Humanitarian cum  sustainable Livelihood  projects in the various sectors of Education, Agriculture , Environment & fragile Eco-system ,  for Socio-Economic Development for making  Nations Sustainable developed. A detail Proposal was already submitted to  the Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India, Ministry Of Finance , Niti  Aayog, Ministry Of Social Justice  of India ,  etc,etc . Besides  this earlier already a MOU  was signed by the American University Of Global Peace USA (AUGP USA ) ,having good standing & legal existing Tax Exempted USA Based University  ( USA Govt. Authentication Apostille No.202841061 ; 7670276  8300 C ;SR # 20230874743  ),  headed by His Eminence Prof. Dr. Madhu Krishan  with 69 Prime Ministers of other Nations & Chiefs of Mexica Emperor etc two years back . Many Sports personalities, College Students who were Trophy Winners In National & International Levels were also awarded on the occasion.

Vote of thanks was given by the Vice Chancellor Of MUIT Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh , followed by fellowship Lunch .

Amb. Dr. Daljeet Kaur ,the Ambassador Of AUGP USA has expressed her congratulations to all the Awardees & all the Peace Builders cum Nation Builders & all the well attended delegates from across the World.


USA based Prof  Dr Madhu Krishan Chairman of AUGP USA UNUGP celebrated United Nations International Day of Sports for Peace

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