Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

IT Professional Ashok Prasad Abhishek has been conferred with the prestigious award for Best IT Services 2022 by International Human Rights Council. Ashok Prasad Abhishek received this trophy from the hands of Sonu Kuntal, President of Entertainment Sector, Human Rights Council.

Let us tell you that for the last 22 years, Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) is ruling in IT industries.

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) is one of the most young talent of the country. He pays deep attention to his work and this has given him a big position in the IT industry.

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) has a multi talented personality who has worked in various fields but has a different reputation in IT Services. Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) started his journey with iEve Era IT in the year 2000, he further expanded his journey by creating iEve Era trending company.

Ashok Prasad (Abhishek), a resident of Kolkata, did his higher education from London. Ashok Prasad (Abhishek) has amazing experience in IT business and event management and makes full use of all those experiences in his work. This is the reason why Ashok Prasad Abhishek has been honored with the prestigious award for Best IT Services 2022 by the International Human Rights Council. He is very excited to receive this honour, he said that it has been a proud moment for me to receive this trophy. It is a pleasure to be conferred with such award after working in IT sector for more than two decades and also inspires to do better work in this field in future.

Ashok Prasad Abhishek Received Prestigious Award By International Human Rights Council For Best IT Services 2022

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