Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Indian Film Makers Association which intends to boost up the sector of Filmmaking all over the country, is an autonomous, non-profit body of registered companies, unions and professionals, and individuals within the film and television production and distribution industry of India. They have run1000+ institutions in various levels and segments for over 2 decades. They  have also launched the Indian Film Co-operative Society in support of filmmakers, which is spread across 9 states.

With the presence of Mr. Ramchandra, General Secretary, Mr. Kapil Joldhale President(Maharashtra)from IFMA collaborated with Wowbro (Kapil Kanekar Co-founder)to provide exposure to filmmakers and artists.

Wowbro appreciates talent in every artist and believe in giving them the exposure they deserve. This is the ultimate platform to explore the opportunities of hiring and casting that every artist needs. Be it a talent of acting, modelling, photography, singing, dancing, anchoring, filmmaking or styling, WowBro is the way to go. They are  also the go to destination for top events, fashion trends, lifestyle and a lot

By the collaboration of two such sublime associations, they will be able to give every artist in this country a chance to showcase their talent. A chance to fulfill artists’ lifelong dreams. WowBro shaking hands with IFMA. With this they will be turning your dreams into reality.


IFMA collaborates with WowBro, an advantageous step for Film industry!

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