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If you have a strong will to fulfill your dream, it will definitely be fulfilled. Seeing your hard work, the universe itself will help you to fulfill it. Madhu Mohit is working with such a positive thinking. Madhu Mohit is a makeup artist, hair stylist, dancer, model by profession. She also runs Madhus Makeover Studio. Madhu has been working as a beautician for many years and she has the art in her hands that she can make anyone look beautiful. Madhu has not learned the work of makeup, beautician or hair stylist but she has learned it from her years of hard work, dedication and tireless practice. Madhu Mohit has been working in Mumbai for many years. She has done the work of dressing up the actors in Marathi serials “Ghadage Ani Sun ” and ” Dhina Dhina Dhaah”.She has also worked as a makeup artist in India Got Talent.

At present, many people come to Madhu to get the look of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Heeramandi’.

Madhu is famous for India’s number one Male to Female transformation. Madhu Mohit is also an international makeup artist and beautician. People from America Australia, Malaysia and Dubai come to her for makeover. Madhu is so skilled in her work that she can make anyone look like their desired artist or idol.

Madhu Mohit has done engineering but her hobby brought her to this position. Madhu Mohit is not dependent on any name in the makeup world today. She has achieved this position with her hard work and determination. She has been awarded ‘Adarsh ​​Kala Bhushan Samman’ by the Karnataka government for this work. She has been honored with many awards for her work. Madhu’s Makeover Studio located in Goregaon is quite famous. Their makeup in traditional look is the best and no one can compete with them in this work.

Madhu says that if you are fond of something or have a goal, then try your best to achieve it. Practice so much that it becomes a part of your existence. Never think that I will not be able to do it. Your dedication and hard work will definitely make you successful. Focus on your work, have faith in your art, only then you will be able to do something.

Madhu Mohit’s Makeover Studio Is Quite Famous And Is Located In Goregaon, Mumbai

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